Crashing Ebb & Flow

across the expanse
silver glass
dawn fast approaching
hope hold fast
mist and crashing
on the rocks below
always changing
ebb and flow

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Joe Wright movies + Dawn

“I love shooting at dawn. I love the kind of preparation and the energy as you feel the sky lightening. I think it might be something to do with me old rave days, I don’t know. But I like dawns. People always say “well, you could just shoot it at dusk, and it’d be the same thing”, but to me it never looks the same.” - Joe Wright

there is something different about a sunrise. it’s as though there is infinite potential, just waiting for a moment, to erupt.

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"You can only come to the morning through the shadows."

— J.R.R. Tolkien [such truth].  (via aheartfullofjoy)

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Sunrise Lake

Sunrise Lake

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9.3.2012 · 

       TAGGED: sunrise,camping,
Sunrise sprint to Santa Barbara!

I’m timing it tomorrow morning to drive from San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara so that I emerge from Gaviota Pass at sunrise. Imagine coming out of Shelob’s lair at 75mph to be greeted with a brilliant California sunrise. I’m speechless every time.

And then I’ll need breakfast. Anyone know of a good place to get breakfast in SB? So far I’ve been to The French Press, and I’ve been told that Our Daily Bread is another great spot.