Crashing Ebb & Flow

across the expanse
silver glass
dawn fast approaching
hope hold fast
mist and crashing
on the rocks below
always changing
ebb and flow

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Tonight, I got cubed.

It’s a game of sorts, or maybe more like a psychology test. You might have heard of the ones where you imagine you’re in a forest or a cave, and you find a chest, what’s in the chest?, and it’s supposed to be your hidden desires, etc.

So, you’re in a desert. Picture yourself in this desert. You need to try to cram as much detail about this desert into your mental image as you can. Ok, you got it? Now, there’s a cube in your desert. Picture the cube, where it is, how it relates to you and the desert, what it’s made from, etc. Got it? There’s also a ladder in the desert. Where is the ladder? How big is it? Why is it there? How does it relate to the cube and the desert? You also have a horse. Can you describe the horse? How does the horse relate? Lastly, is there any vegetation? What vegetation is in your desert? Ok, think really hard about all of this. Think about the setting, what’s going on, even shape, size, and color are important. Once you have it all, you can read the description of my desert, and then the explanation of what it all means after the jump.


I like to try to mess with these kinds of games, by picking implausible interpretations of what they’re asking me. And yet, it never brakes the explanations. Why? Because there’s still some truth in my answers; and this way, I’m not purposefully trying to “fix” the results.

My “desert” I decided was a small island. A very small island, like the ones you’d see in a Far Side comic with one palm tree and enough “beach” for one person to sit. The ocean was calm, the sun was warm and there was a slight breeze, picturesque clouds in the sky. My cube was a stone bolder, 3 feet to a side, carved with perfectly square corners, half in the sand, half in the surrounding ocean, with the surf crashing around it. I decided to sit on the cube. My ladder was leaning up against the cube to help me get on top; it had two rungs, made of wood, and was painted red. My horse was a painted mustang; think of Hildalgo. I should watch that movie again. I’m not sure how the horse got to such a small island…but just go with it. And I already saw my vegetation, that palm tree. I thought about moss growing up the sides of the bolder, but I realized that I was just trying to add a fun texture to everything, and that it didn’t make sense for my “desert” (or does it? dun dun dun. ok, i really don’t know.).

Click for the explanation.

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