Crashing Ebb & Flow

across the expanse
silver glass
dawn fast approaching
hope hold fast
mist and crashing
on the rocks below
always changing
ebb and flow

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A Farewell to Arms :: Hemingway
C: "Don't you like it better when we're alone?"
H: "Yes."
C: "I felt very lonely when they were all there."
H: "It's grand here."
C: "Yes. It's really a pretty course."
H: "It's nice."
C: "Don't let me spoil your fun, darling. I'll go back whenever you want."
H: "No. We'll stay here and have our drink. Then we'll go down and stand at the water jump for the steeplechase."
C: "You're awfully good to me."
H: After we had been alone a while we were glad to see the others again. We had a good time.